Work Ready Vanuatu is a top provider of Pacific seasonal workers from Vanuatu for New Zealand and Australian orchards, pack houses and Vineyards. Work Ready Vanuatu has an excellent reputation within both the Australian SWP and New Zealand RSE schemes, as do the people of Vanuatu themselves for their hard work and flexibility in performing a variety of tasks.  Watch the introduction video to learn more about the scheme Click here for more videos

Why you should seriously consider Work Ready Vanuatu :

Why you should consider Work Ready Vanuatu

Vanuatu seasonal workers are highly praised among employers for their excellent work attitudes, their willingness to work hard and their flexibility when it comes to performing a variety of tasks from picking through to pruning, sorting and other more technical operations.

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Australian Approved Employers (AAE)

I'm an Australian employer and I'm interested in learning more about the SWP and Work Ready Vanuatu.

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New Zealand Recognised Seasonal Employers (RSE)

I'm a New Zealand employer and I'm interested in learning more about the RSE Scheme and Work Ready Vanuatu.



George, Horticulturist

George"We've decided to give most of our places to Work Ready Vanuatu. We find the Vanuatu worker to be a motivated, consistent and reliable worker. And as well as that they've become like part of our family. We really enjoy having them around. There's none better."


Rita Jocy

Rita" We have been coming to Alexandra since 2008 and have learnt a lot of new skills. We have many children and it is difficult to make money where we live, so the money we earn in New Zealand has made a very big difference for our family. We are very grateful to Work Ready Vanuatu and the Seasonal Work Scheme for the opportunity to make things better for our family."